5 equipment-free strength exercises for a chiseled life

Building a strong, chiseled waist is a common fitness goal among men, and for good reason. Beyond the aesthetics at the beach and in the weight room, sculpting a more muscular core is beneficial to your overall health, daily movement and the physical activities you love most. That’s why you’re doing yourself a huge favor by incorporating regular strength training into your routine. Sure, you can lift weights, but gaining strength by working with only your body weight is another incredibly productive (but underrated) way to achieve your goals. We talked to April Gatlin, Ace, master trainer for STRIDE Fitness, who shares five no-equipment strength exercises for a sculpted waist. So put the dumbbells down and get ready to chisel your waistline.

Overall, strength training is an effective method for building a more defined core, because, as with any exercise where you add resistance to your body or work with weights, you’re activating your core. “The core tightens and contracts in all the lifts that are performed, so not only is the core getting stronger in the sense of building stronger muscle mass, but it’s also getting stronger in its endurance,” explains Gatlin.

Test your body weight and reveal a toned set of abs by performing the following exercises via Gatlin’s core-focused workout. Read on to learn about the best no-equipment strength exercises for a chiseled waist, she completes these exercises in two minutes for a total of five rounds. And when you’re done, be sure to check out the 7 Exercises to Slim a Thick Waist in 30 Days.

Perform alternating windshield wipers by hanging from a bar or lying on the ground. If you are lying on your back, extend your arms out to the sides of your body. Bend your knees and lift your feet off the floor. Rotate your hips as you bring your legs to your right side without allowing them to touch the ground. Then, rotate your hips and legs to your left side. To make things more challenging, do this exercise with your legs straight, mimicking the motion of the windshield wipers. Complete 20 windshield wipers in total.

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Begin this exercise by lying on your back with your arms extended overhead and your legs straight. Crunch your upper body while simultaneously lifting your left leg so your hands are touching your toes. Lower your back to the starting position and do the same movement with your right leg. Continue alternating as you complete 12 reps total.

Prepare for the alternating heel reach by lying on your back, bending your knees, and planting your feet flat on the floor. Your arms should be at your sides. Lift your head, shoulders, and upper back off the floor as you raise your right hand toward your right heel, then your left hand toward your left heel. Complete 12 alternating heel strokes.

For side plank hip dips, lie on one side of your body, place your lower forearm on the ground, and stack your feet. Place your hand high on your hip or behind your head. Push into the floor and activate your core to lift your hips into a proper side plank position. Hold the side plank for a moment, then lower or “dip” your hip to the ground without touching it. Press back. Complete 12 side plank hip jumps on each side.

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Prepare for butterfly crunches by lying on the floor with the soles of your feet pressed together to assume a butterfly position. Put your hands behind your head. Exhale as you lift your body. Lower your back. Make sure your lower back maintains contact with the ground. Complete 12 butterfly crunches.

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