Ashley Graham’s weight loss diet and workout routine explained

Celebrity makeover has always been a hot topic, and now it’s Ashley Graham’s weight loss journey that has grabbed the spotlight. The famous supermodel and mother of three has always been celebrated for her stunning plus size figure in the modeling industry. However, recently, fans have been talking about Ashley’s remarkable weight loss, leading to speculation and allegations about her secret use of drugs and surgery. But let’s dig deeper and find out the real story behind Ashley’s journey to shed those pounds.

Who is Ashley Graham?

Ashley Graham is a plus-size model who is a strong advocate of body positivity and inclusiveness. She even wrote a book about it. In 2016 she made her debut on the cover of the Sports Illustrated (SI) swimsuit edition. But Ashley’s talent doesn’t stop at modeling.

She also has her own line of swimwear and lingerie. He was also a judge America’s next supermodel Reality show. In 2023, she was seen hosting the pre-Oscar show, chatting with stars on the red carpet before the 95th Academy Awards.

Profile of Ashley Graham

  • real name: Ashley Graham Ervin
  • Birthday: October 30, 1987
  • Age in 2023: 36
  • Occupation: Model and host
  • Weight before: 220 lbs (99 kg)
  • Weight loss after: 200 lbs (90 kg)
  • Reduced Weight Loss: 20 lbs (9 kg)

Why did Ashley Graham gain weight?

Ashley Graham weight loss

Plus-size model Ashley Graham has become a pioneer for curvy girls. Even this 5-foot-9 model has gained a few pounds over the years.

During her first pregnancy, she felt devastated when her weight started to increase. Adjusting to the changes in her body took some time for her. When her first child, Isaac, was born, Ashley quickly gained 50 pounds. However, she chose to embrace her transformed body of hers, acknowledging it as a reminder of the incredible power women possess.

Shortly thereafter she became pregnant with twins. During this trip, she Ashley decided to ditch the scales and instead focused on her mental well-being. After giving birth to 3 children, this tall model weighed about 100 kilograms.

Ashley Graham Weight Loss: How did he do it.

Ashley Graham surprised her fans with a recent Instagram post where she looked completely different after losing weight. The video of her showed her confidently walking down a hotel corridor while the song All eyes on me played in the background. She was wearing a gorgeous sheer dress that showed off his new figure.

Soon after, it attended the Cannes Film Festival in France. Her stunning transformation in just 8 weeks has garnered celebrity media attention and sparked curiosity about Ashley Graham’s weight and diet. People speculated and wondered if Ashley Graham had let go of her body positivity vibes.

However, when comparing her recent photos to older ones from a previous photoshoot, it becomes clear that her overall look hasn’t drastically changed. It appears Ashley gained weight during her pregnancy and then worked hard to lose it, which is a normal, health-conscious approach.

Postpartum weight retention is a strong predictor of obesity in later life with long-term health consequences in women. Just like Ashley Graham, you can effectively address this problem by incorporating a balanced diet and regular workouts (1). Now, let’s delve into the ins and outs of diet and training to learn more about her transformation.

Ashley’s Diet – Here’s What She Eats

Ashley Graham weight loss

Ashley Graham follows a simple, nutritious diet to support her weight loss goals. Contains mostly nutritious foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats (2). She prioritizes these choices for most of her meals. However, he also indulges in the occasional cheat meal for indulgence.

Breakfast – She is a big fan of green juice and sees it as her health booster in the morning. This may also have helped with her weight loss (3). His favorite blend includes kale, spinach, beets, lemon, ginger, apple and parsley.

Lunch – For lunch, you enjoy a hearty green salad packed with protein-rich ingredients like quinoa, tomatoes, avocados, carrots, and any leafy greens, with pesto dressing as your favorite dressing. She also likes brown rice and quinoa with greens and tahini.

Snacks – Ashley loves apples and bananas as quick and convenient snacks, especially on a quick road trip. And when she experiences an energy crash in the afternoon, she indulges in a few squares of super dark chocolate.

Dinner – To manage her digestion, Ashley prefers not to eat meat until dinner. Although you may have a slower digestion process, it does not affect the quality of your sleep (4). So for dinner, she likes baked salmon or beef paired with arugula and sweet potatoes. She likes to include starchy foods like sweet potatoes alongside lightly sauteed vegetables with olive oil or chicken paired with Brussels sprouts (5).

Although Ashley maintains a balanced diet, she also indulges in occasional indulgences. Her splurges include mac and cheese, Nutella-dipped pizza crust, or mashed potatoes. Her coach ensures that she engages in intense workouts at least 3 times a week, giving her some flexibility in her food choices. Scroll down to learn more about her workout routine that complements her diet

Ashley’s workout routine to lose pounds

Ashley Graham weight loss

Ashley Graham believes in staying active even after having a baby because she knows that pregnancy can bring about many changes to the body. While social norms often portray thin, slim bodies as ideals, Ashley stresses the importance of focusing on fitness rather than pursuing a specific body size. Her Instagram and other social media platforms also show her commitment to working out.

Gym Workouts – Ashley Graham maintains a regular fitness routine by going to the gym 3 to 5 times a week, where she trains under the guidance of a professional trainer. Her training regimen includes high intensity interval training (HIIT) exercises such as

  • You lunge
  • Burpees
  • Jump squats
  • Scissor legs
  • Ball hit
  • Switchblade knives

Most of these focus on toning the lower and upper limbs (6). It also incorporates strength-training exercises like planks, push-ups, club swings, barbell squats, double-band sumo deadlifts, and resistance-band hip thrusts.

yoga – Ashley is also a yoga enthusiast. Throughout her pregnancy, she practiced prenatal yoga and continued to incorporate it into her postpartum workout routine (7), (8). In some of her vlog episodes, her husband Justin Ervin is seen supporting her yoga sessions. They try various classic yoga poses together and engage in upper and lower body yoga sessions. She has even been seen practicing aerial yoga, effortlessly showcasing her acrobatic skills. She shared a photo of herself suspended sideways in the air, calling the pose “the mermaid pose.”

Kickboxing – Also, kickboxing happens to be Ashley’s favorite form of exercise. Not only does it help her burn calories, but she also improves her reaction time and strengthens her muscles and bones (9).

Recently, she surprised herself by running a 5k marathon. She admits she was never a fan of running, but her passion for staying active and engaging in training drove her to it. According to the 36-year-old model, juggling the responsibilities of raising 3 children and managing her career is like running a marathon every day. Despite such a tight schedule, she practices kickboxing, HIIT, and yoga. She also emphasizes the value of consistency and recommends varying exercises frequently to gradually tone all muscles, taking it one day at a time.

Have you had surgery?

After her appearance on the red carpet in 2023, a lot of speculation and rumors about Ashley Graham’s weight loss surgery started circulating on the Internet. However, there is no concrete evidence or official statement from Ashley regarding any such surgery. What is true, however, is that her commitment to a balanced and healthy diet, coupled with her regular HIIT workout routine, has contributed to her weight loss success.

Ashley Graham weight loss Photos before and after

These Ashley Graham before and after weight loss photos are proof of her amazing transformation.

Before –

Ashley Graham weight loss

After –

Ashley Graham weight loss


Ashley Graham’s weight loss journey proves that being older doesn’t mean you’re unfit. As a model, mother, and body positivity advocate, she breaks stereotypes and shows that health and fitness aren’t determined by your size. Ashley shows us that being healthy and feeling good isn’t about the number on the scale. She inspires us to tackle challenging exercise at our own pace and embrace our fitness journeys. Let us remember these important lessons from her and enjoy the benefits in the future. We bookmark these fitness classes from the supermodel for future reference.

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