Eight medications you should ask your health care team about

Dr. Peter Barkett

My patients ask me all sorts of questions, but one I commonly hear is Can I stop any of my medications? This is a great question to raise with a doctor because we are more often focused on prescribing medications than deprescribe They. All drugs can have benefits when selected for appropriate patients, and most prescriptions are well tolerated, but most also carry some risk of side effects. Doctors try to weigh the risks and benefits when prescribing.

Sometimes, when a patient’s situation, age, or health changes, so does the benefit-risk calculation for a drug. Therefore, it is also important to consider when a drug may no longer be needed or to find out if guidelines for regular use have changed. This includes some common over-the-counter medications that some people take on a regular basis. Your healthcare team should be consulted or notified when you intend to make a change as many medications should not be stopped abruptly or have benefits that may not be obvious (I feel better so maybe I don’t need this question anymore). It’s best to talk to your doctor about your specific situation and health before stopping most medications.

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