Hims Hard Mints are a new way to treat erectile dysfunction

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We need to think differently about erectile dysfunction. Believe it or not, most men over the age of 40 experience some form of erectile dysfunction by the time they turn 70. So EDs are actually quite common, even normal! and it’s definitely not something a guy should feel bad about.

Better yet, it’s a highly treatable problem. Hims knows this because it has helped hundreds of thousands of men with ED, and the telehealth company will likely help even more with its newest product: Hims Hard Mints.

It has boosted my confidence because not only can I stay hard, but I can also satisfy my partner in return, said Eddy, a Hims Hard Mints user, in a review*.

Thanks to him I regained my trust and returned to pleasing my woman, said another, Jason R.

Trenton writes of his Hard Mints: I’ve had nothing but positive results every time I’ve used them. Since taking the mints I have definitely felt a closeness with my partners that I haven’t felt in a long time and have regained a lot of confidence that I thought was long gone.

Its hard mints

Of course, tadalafil and sildenafil, the main active ingredients of Hims Hard Mints, have been on the market for a long time, in pill form, and have been very popular with men. Hims even offers access to erectile dysfunction drugs, but Hims hasn’t rested on its laurels and the company knew there were men out there like Bennett, a fourth reviewer of the Hard Mints, who wrote, I’d much rather carry a box of mints instead of a pill bottle. Thanks Hims!!!

As long as they’re right for you, getting your hands on Hims Hard Mints is a simple process: Answer a few questions on the Hims website about your symptoms and health history. Then, Hims connects you with a licensed physician, who will determine if treatment for ED is an option. If Hims Hard Mints are eventually prescribed, for as little as $6 per use your mints will be shipped discreetly to you with no shipping charges. And because Hims is a healthcare brand, the company is subject to HIPAA regulations. Therefore, Hims has a safe and secure data store on its website, keeping your personal information totally private.

Unlike other erectile dysfunction medications, you will enjoy taking his hard mints. Instead of swallowing it whole like a pill or sucking it up like a cough drop, bite off and chew the mint until you can swallow comfortably. As you do so you’ll get a refreshing blast of mint in your mouth, helping you in the kissing department before there’s any other potential action.

Hims hard mints are composed with the active ingredients tadalafil and sildenafil, in different dosages customized just for you. Another benefit of Hims Hard Mints is that they can be taken daily or as needed, depending on your preference.

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It’s good to know that due to their customized nature, compounded products are not independently approved by the FDA, but again, licensed healthcare professionals are behind these prescriptions and will only write them if they feel the treatment is right for you. you. As with any drug, however, there is the potential for some side effects, such as headaches, stomach pain, runny or stuffy nose, back and body aches, among others.

However, many users of Hims Hard Mints and probably their partners are satisfied as well.

A reviewer named Kian wrote: I was so impressed with them that I have recommended them to all my friends! I’ve always been reluctant to use products like Hims, but now I regret not using them sooner!

*Customer results have not been independently verified. Individual results will vary. Customers were given a free product for their time. Hard mints are chewable compound products and have not been approved by the FDA. The FDA does not test the safety or efficacy of compound drugs. Prescription products require an online consultation with a healthcare professional who will determine if a prescription is appropriate. Restrictions apply. See website for all the details and important safety information.

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