I did the swimmer’s drill for a week – here’s what happened

In this ongoing series of Tom’s guide articles, I’ve at least heard of the exercise challenge set out by my editor, and in many cases I’ve done them in the past. Not this time: I’d never heard of the swimmer. There may be a good reason for this.

What is that?

Since I wasn’t familiar with the swimmer (or “swimming,” as it’s sometimes known, rather unnecessarily), I dug deep into the internet and what I found was… not much. Oceans of stuff about real swimming and lots about Burt Lancaster’s weird 1968 film The swimmer, but strangely little about exercise. And what I found mostly had the word “Pilates” in it. The alarm bell has gone off. I have nothing against Pilates, but when I hear the word, I think of “flexibility” and this is an area that I sometimes find a bit forced.

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