I’m a personal trainer: these are the 3 best exercises to grow and sculpt your buttocks from home

To grow your glutes, you’re going to need a solid set of glute exercises to add to your arsenal (no pun intended) to help shape and strengthen them, and it doesn’t happen overnight.

Below, I’ve rounded up my top three glute exercises for building muscle and strength in your glutes. But remember, you’ll need to schedule these exercises regularly as part of your strength program to see results.

Your glutes are active in most of your daily leg exercises like squats and deadlifts, but they’re commonly underactive, which can put extra strain on your lower back and force other muscles (like your quads) to work too hard. These three exercises put your glutes front and center, leaving you nowhere to hide.

Woman standing on a bridge doing a standing glute kickback during glute workout

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Your gluteal muscles are lesser known core muscles. These muscles help support your posture, protect your lower back, and help you move efficiently. All strength programs should include glutes training, as weak glutes often lead to injuries and poor form at the gym.

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