Jen Selter In a thong bikini shows off her dance moves

Model Jen Selter she’s having fun on the rooftop in her thong bikini!

The 29-year-old fitness instructor put on some tunes and started dancing and showing off her moves in a thong bikini!

Jen Selter is dancing and doing headstands in her thong bikini

Looks like fitness guru Jen Selter really can do it all! While on the rooftop, Jen stood in front of a glass panel and did a headstand wearing nothing but a bright red strappy thong bikini that stood out against her sun-kissed skin.

After finishing the handstand and showing off her flexibility, Jen started dancing and showing off her dance moves. She flailed her hands on her arm and shook her hips from side to side before actually starting to get into it!

Jen Selter In a thong bikini showing off her dance moves
Instagram | Jen Selter

#Weekend mood, she wrote in the caption. I popped my jams, Haddda busted Jen’s moves. Fans loved her goofy her show, with one fan commenting, I love your sweet goofy vibes. Another follower wrote, Jen, you look good with that headstand.

Shake it! exclaimed a third fan. I love you Jen. As a fan, I have been following you since 2014, another follower shared. You are so stupid. I love it, another fan chimed in while another follower called her the angel of Instagram.

Jen Selter Shares Her First Workout Video of July!

In another Instagram post, Jen hit the gym and shared some exercises that featured her working out with a weighted plate. She starts by doing squats, holding it above her head. She then used it to do rows before holding it with both hands for a squat and press.

He held it over his head to perform curtsy lunges and finished the video with more squats before showing off the definition in his fit physique with a series of poses. July has closed in on us, and it’s time to level up a fan, Jen wrote in the caption. He embraces the new month with new goals and a new mindset.

Jen Selter Shares Her First Workout Video of July!
Instagram | Jen Selter

Never let someone’s words put you down; instead, use them as fuel to push yourself further, he continued. This month, let’s crush it together! Don’t miss the big July 4th sale going on at @fitplan_app. Link in my bio to redeem and get access to all my workout programs.

Great workout girl. Even today I sweated well! commented one fan. You are so beautiful, another follower said. Go Jen! YES! Omg, seriously you are one of my best motivators! I see you on this app and it makes me want to get out of my chair and make myself sweat! OMG! Stay awesome! exclaimed a third fan.

Jen Selter shares her starry 4th of July outfit!

On July 4th, Jen rocked a red and white striped bikini which she quickly covered up with a matching long sleeve sweater and set of shorts made to look like the American flag. She rolled up her top to show off her toned abs as she lay by the pool.

He set the music in the video for Miley Cyrus Party in the U.S. In the caption, he wrote, Wishing you all a happy 4thth of July! Cheers to a day of celebration and gratitude! She let fans know that she got the sweater and shorts combo from BeachRiot.

Jen Selter celebrates the 4th of July
Instagram | Jen Selter

In love with you, commented one fan. A true angel, wrote another follower. You are so hot and cute at the same time, a third fan chimed in. HOTNESS OVERLOAD, another follower exclaimed. You look American, my Queen Jen, said another fan. Other followers wished her a happy 4th of July as they flooded the post with red, white, and blue heart emojis of hers!

Interested in more Jen Selter content? In another recent Instagram post, the social media sensation teased a thong bikini under a sheer dress for a trip to the beach! Fans can check out those steamy bikini shots by clicking here!

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