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There will be a total of six divisions competing at Vancouver Pro 2023!

THE2023 Vancouver Prois ready to highlight a fun weekend of bodybuilding events. The show will return to Abbotsford BC, Canada with six divisions on display with the winners qualifying for the 2023 Olympia.

Olympia’s qualification system changed this year. If an athlete has not finished in the top three in the previous year or in the top five in the Mens Open, she will need to win a show to qualify. The qualifying points system is no more. Furthermore, the former winners of an Olympic title they have the right to life.

There will be a new champion in the men’s Open with Ian Vallerie already own a ticket to the biggest show of the year. She won the Toronto Pro Supershow in June and has opted not to defend her title in Canada.

Below, check out a complete breakdown of the Men’s Open division and rosters for the entire show.

Toronto Pro
Hassan Mostafa Instagram

2023 Vancouver Pro: Men’s Open Roster and Breakdown

  • Prince Boabang
  • Eiren Gauley
  • Stan de Longeaux
  • Morgan McDonald
  • Hassan Mustafa
  • Nathan Lancia

Below, take a look at three contestants who have the best chance of taking home the title this weekend.

Hassan Mustafa

Hassan Mustafa it has gotten better in recent years, but still has a couple of question marks in that regard conditioning. Mostafa finished 13th in the Olympia 2021 after qualifying via the points system. He had two victories in 2022 but failed to make it to the bigger stage. This year, Mostafa returned to the stage and took second place during the 2023 Toronto Pro Supershow.

Mostafa will return to the Vancouver stage in hopes of qualifying for Olympia. The points system is now gone and Mostafa will have to win a show to appear. He will be one of the favorites to win this show, but he will come in better shape than he is. There have been some questions regarding Mostafa’s conditioning, mainly his own abdominal muscles and trunk. If he gets to his best, Mostafa will be hard to beat.

Stan de Longeaux

In terms of athletes arriving in top form, de Longeaux is another who will be hard to beat if he is at his best. Stanimal will be able to compete with Mostafa from the looks of his recent physical upgrades. de Longeaux appears to be building his best physique ever up to this point in terms of symmetry and conditioning.

Last season, Stanimal finished fourth during the 2022 Legion Sports Fest Pro. If she manages to win this show, she will win her Olympia ticket for the first time since 2019.

Prince Boabang

Prince Boabang is another contestant who appears to be in his best form as a professional. In 2019, Boabang competed as a 212nd entrant, including a fourth-place finish in Vancouver. He now he is ready to compete against the greatest athletes in the world.

Boabang has a chance as a dark-horse contestant this weekend. The difference between him and the top two, he’s going to need someone to drop in the standings. Boabang has impressed on social media but is lacking a bit in his legs and lower body. If he’s at his best and the other contestants lack a bit, Boabang has a chance to steal this show. Going forward, he will continue to improve and be a threat in the men’s Open.

2023 Vancouver Pros: Complete rosters

Iain Valliere isn’t the only champion who won’t be returning to defend his title. In fact, there will be no repeat samples on stage this weekend. Below, he checks out the full rosters of the show’s five other divisions.

Classical physicist

  • Isaac Baier
  • Adam Beverridge
  • Dylan Bursey
  • Billy Dan
  • Charles Gautier
  • Narek Khachatryan
  • John Le
  • Jesse Strand
  • Robert Waterhouse

Male physique

  • Wagner Abreu
  • Xezekiel Afanou
  • Patrick Asedu
  • Austin Belanger
  • Drew Cullen
  • Jason Huyn
  • Kamal Ait Irhmour
  • Mehdi Kabbadj
  • Clarence Lau
  • Chuan-Yu Liu
  • Eric Neil
  • Chevrolet Phillips
  • Gurjinder Virk


  • Noemie Champagne Cloutier
  • Daniele DaCosta
  • Michelle Fredua-Mensah
  • Stephanie Jones
  • Sara Kovac
  • Jessica Ann Zehr


  • Dalila Alegria
  • Autumn Cleveland
  • Lauren Martin-Stow
  • Gin Palma
  • Paige Sabedra
  • Rachel Shoemaker


  • Roda Allie
  • Jill E. Humphrey
  • Ashley Kaltwasser
  • Kateryna Kauffmann
  • Kristy Ann Keppel
  • Nikki Kiani
  • Meggy Martin Johnson
  • Maxine Alexandra Somov
  • Gina Switzerland
  • Tianna Weymouth

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