The United States rebukes manufacturers of delta-8-THC counterfeit snacks

Millions of American consumers of CBD and other hemp-derived drugs face a dizzying array of new products and regulations this July in the United States. Entrepreneurs work to cash in just as regulators have begun moving to protect public health. The Grateful Dead drummer has a new CBD line. The FDA is warning delta-8 manufacturers to stop the imitation packaging.

Will the feds regulate delta-8 THC? What Do Emerging Studies Say About CBD? What about Delta-10, THC-O or other weirdness synthesized from the CBD in hemp?

The answer? Anything but simple or static. New cannabinoid news is released every day, so here’s your monthly roundup of news on all things CBD, delta-8, and other hemp molecules for July 2023.

Top CBD, July delta-8 news

On July 5, the FDA issued warning letters to manufacturers of counterfeit snack foods at risk of delta-8-THCa poisoning. Manufacturers have put delta-8 in packaging similar to Doritos, Cheetos and Oreos. In the past two years, d-8 products have poisoned more than 1,000 children, killing one. [Reuters]

The marketing of edible THC products that can be easily mistaken by children for normal food is reckless and illegal. Companies must ensure that their products are marketed safely and responsibly, especially when it comes to protecting the well-being of children.

Samuel Levine, Director, Federal Trade Commission Consumer Protection Office.


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The Drug Enforcement Administration proposed a plan in May to drastically limit the allowable amount of THC in CBD products and kill the delta-8 market. At a conference in Houston, Terrence Boos, a notorious member of the DEA, announced that the agency will propose placing cannabinoids derived from hemp on the list of controlled substances. He said the agency also wants to reduce the THC allowed in CBD products from 0.3% to 0.1%. Sellers have exploited the 0.3% limit to ship intoxicating hemp products.

In June, the DEA declared that both delta-9-THC synthesized from hemp oil and the new cannabinoid HHC are not legal hemp products and are subject to enforcement under the Controlled Substances Act.

What’s the matter with all the delta-8 these days?

CBD products exploded thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill that legalized hemp. CBD immersed in acid can form delta-8-THC, which is a different atom from delta-9 THC. Delta-9-THC remains prohibited in most states, so this delta-8 loophole in hemp legalization has sparked a billion-dollar hemp oil rush as entrepreneurs move to meet Americans’ high demand for be lifted.

CBD culture news

CBD is possibly the mildest stuff the Grateful Dead have ever gotten into. (Courtesy of Bill The Drummer CBD)

The Grateful Dead Bill the drummer has launched a CBD line Bill the Drummer CBD. [Louder Sound]

In June, a 12-story Hemp hotel in South Africa it opened as the world’s tallest building made with hemp concrete. For the uninitiated, hemp is a concrete alternative made from hemp stalks and lime. Research shows that it emits far less carbon into the air, significantly insulates buildings, and is fire resistant.

United States today jumped on the delta-8 bandwagon with his own explanation.

Respected information and advocacy website Project CBD has updated their page on What is CBD?

AND THC-M The future of cannabis? [Herb]


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Federal update on the legalization of hemp and hemp-derived cannabinoids

US Senators Jon Tester (D-MT) and Mike Braun (R-IN) introduced a bill in March to remove many industrial hemp testing regulations. Proponents hope it would facilitate the expansion of hemp grown for non-extractive purposes, such as fiber, seed or hemp.

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Legal updates on new cannabinoids state by state

THE Alabama The House of Representatives passed a bill criminalizing the sale of delta-8 THC and other hemp-derived cannabinoids to anyone under the age of 21. The bill passed the state Senate in February. As of this writing, Gov. Kay Ivey (R) has not signed the bill into law.

In April, Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee-Sanders (R) signed into law 629, which bans the sale of cannabinoids derived from hemp. Goes into effect August 1 for adults. It went into effect immediately for minors.

Florida it’s awash in delta-8 products, and they’re legal for now. [Tampa Bay Times]

Illinois dispensaries and others have called for delta-8 bans. [ABC]

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Godfather OG CBDMedMeridian / Green Unicorn Farms, Summer 2023

A bill of April in Missouri would regulate hemp-derived cannabinoids such as marijuana. It would make the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services oversee the state’s hemp industry and ban its sale to minors.

Inside Minnesotathe recently enacted legalization of marijuana also allows growers to produce and sell hemp-derived cannabinoids.

On May 22, Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte (R) signed a bill banning the production and sale of delta-8 and other hemp-derived cannabinoids. It took effect immediately.

On May 19, Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee (right) signed into law a bill regulating the state’s market for hemp-derived cannabinoids, including a 6 percent sales tax and banning sales to minors. It went into effect on July 1st.

Vermonts Cannabis Control Board ruled in late April that only dispensaries can sell hemp-derived cannabinoids. Unsurprisingly, confusion ensued.

Virginia delta-8 banned; effective July 1. []

New research on CBD, delta-8 and more

Weird science: HHC comes from CBD converted from an acid. (Nature)

The researchers reported evidence in May that The CBD kept the muscles strong. It appears that CBD prevents the reduction of peak anaerobic production in physically active adults. The observed result of CBD preventing the reduction of peak anaerobic output can be explained by the combination of CBD and exercise-induced oxidative stress. [Nutrients]

The brain healing properties of CBD may be related to reducing inflammationa study of songbirds found in May. [Scientific Reports]

Researchers on June 29 concluded that THC-O-acetate does not cause psychedelic experiences. Some reports of psychedelic experiences may be due to expectation or contamination. [Journal of Psychoactive Drugs]

Nature he delved into how to chemically create HHC. [Nature]


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Using CBD during pregnancy it can affect the fetus, the researchers conclude after studying mice. These results show that CBD consumption during pregnancy can negatively affect fetal neurodevelopment in mice. [Molecular Psychiatry]

The CBD must not only come from cannabis, but also from other similar plants trembles. [Japan Today]

International CBD and legal news on new cannabinoids

France plans to institute a ban on the hemp-derived cannabinoid HHC.

Hong Kong authorities sent woman to jail for CBD and ketamine. [High Times]

A man inside Nigeria received two years in prison for possession of hemp. The judge ruled that she could also pay a fine of N50,000, which is equivalent to about $100. [DailyPost]

THE UK Government published a report on testing for CBD in food. [Gov.UK]

CBD and Delta-8 Press Releases and Sponsored Content

Strain Snobshas launched a new line of hemp-derived HHC and delta-9 gummies.

The hemp doctorlaunches a collection of CBD blunts infused with HHC and THCP.

Furthermore, The hemp doctor has introduced a new rubber that combines Delta-8, Delta-9 and HHC into one hell of a combination they call Zooted. Godspeed.

Sponsored content for CBD seems to be jumping the shark. They are selling it for hair growth Now. [Discover Magazine]

That’s all the news worth publishing about new cannabinoids last month. Make sure you download the Leafly app and turn on notifications to stay up to date.

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