Too tired to exercise? The top 5 excuses people use to avoid working out

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Change is difficult, and human nature tells us that we tend not to change unless absolutely necessary. Why is change so difficult? Once we adopt a certain lifestyle that seems to be working for us, there’s no reason or motivation to change. For example, eating patterns are established early in life and remain fairly constant. That’s because we select the foods we eat based on taste rather than nutritional value, and early in life we ​​know what tastes good.

This means that by age 40, we have a 40-year eating habit to contend with, and the older we get, the longer and stronger the habit gets. To change from that is an incredible challenge, especially since we satisfy and reward ourselves every day by consuming our favorite foods, over and over again. We also choose to believe there is no reason to change because we still have our health.

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