Use these 6 apps to get you started on the carnivore diet

Key points

  • These apps offer courses, videos, and communities to educate and support beginners and enthusiasts of the carnivore diet.
  • The Fasting & Carnivore Diet app provides educational articles, meal plans, workout tips, and an intermittent fasting tracker for users interested in combining fasting with the carnivore diet.
  • Health Coach Habinator is an example of a habit tracking app that allows users to set goals and stay accountable in following a carnivore diet, although it doesn’t provide specific nutrition education. The app sends reminders and helps users track activities like grocery shopping, fasting, and logging meals.

A new diet may take some getting used to, especially one like the carnivore diet that limits your options to a specific food group. However, there are many tools that can guide you on what to do as a carnivore diet newbie.

While some tools simply let you log your carnivore meals, others go as far as suggesting workouts, providing fasting trackers, and offering recipes. Read on to learn more about these apps and how they can help you become familiar with the carnivore diet.

1. The carnivore experience

The Carnivore Experience educates you on various concepts related to the carnivore diet. In one section of the app there are several courses suitable for people with different levels of experience in the carnivorous lifestyle.

For example, one of the courses, The Secrets to a Carnivore Lifestyle, educates users on what to do as a carnivore diet newbie and how to approach nutrition. These courses also have videos for users who would rather watch and listen than read.

The Carnivore Experience is also a great resource for meeting fellow carnivore diet enthusiasts, newbies and veterans alike. The app has a community where members can chat with each other, exchange ideas and share experiences. Here, members encourage each other to keep up with carnivore diet principles, while suggesting sustainable ways to stay consistent.

Developed by trainer Stephen Thomas, The Carnivore Experience offers a hands-on guide through the diet of carnivores. Members can ask any question related to the Carnivore Diet via the community and an email channel, and Coach Thomas promises feedback,

Download: The Carnivore Experience for iOS | Android (free, subscription and premium version available)

2. Fasting and carnivores diet app

Fasting is a concept regularly associated with the carnivore diet, and the Fasting & Carnivore Diet app provides users with a means to blend both. The app is great for beginners thanks to its many educational articles, which explain the basic principles that underpin the carnivore diet.

Away from education, Fasting & Carnivore Diet app suggests carnivore meal plans. The app also provides training plans and tips, and its intermittent fasting tracker is one way to fast safely using technology.

Before you start using the carnivore diet app, you need to enter information such as your weight, age, and exercise frequency. This information is used to create an experience tailored to your body type.

Download: Fasting & Carnivore Diet App for iOS (Free, Subscription Available)

3. Health Coach Habinator

Health Coach Habinator is a habit tracking app to stay on top of your goals. It lets you choose from a number of goal templates, including health, work, and self-improvement. Under Healthyou will find it Diets OR diets and nutrition, and if you touch either one, you will see Carnivorous diet.

You can now include activities related to the carnivore diet that you want to stay consistent with. Examples include shopping, fasting, and logging or tracking meals. While Health Coach Habinator doesn’t necessarily introduce or teach the carnivore diet, you should put it in your toolbox as a beginner because it holds you accountable.

The app makes you sign an agreement that you will stay consistent with your goals, and it also sends you reminders. However, you can choose whether or not you want reminders and which days of the week you prefer to receive them.

Download: Health Coach Habinator for iOS | Android (free, subscription and premium version available)

4. Vore: Zero Carb Carnivore Diet

Vore: Zero Carb Carnivore Diet ticks all the boxes for helping carnivores diet starters. From the app’s main menu, you can access a food diary, food list, recipes, carnivore diet information articles, and a shopping list function. In the log, you simply enter your meals, including when you eat them and how much you eat. You can also save meals to easily add them later.

The food list contains various meats and animal products that you can indulge in as a carnivore diet enthusiast. From bison to deer and even spices like rosemary, Vore suggests carnivorous and carnivore-related foods to choose from for newbies. You also have access to existing recipes, so you don’t have to create your own meals from scratch.

In addition, Vore has some articles on carnivore diet basics, including information that carnivore eaters don’t talk about, such as side effects of the diet. As a Health Coach Habinator, Vore also has a basic grocery list feature, so you can use the app as a one-stop shop for all things carnivore dieting.

Download: Vore: Zero Carb Carnivore Diet for iOS (Free)

5. Carnivore Diet Recipes

Carnivore Diet Recipes has a display of carnivore diet meal options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. The app is a little different because its recipes contain a lot of plant and plant foods. So, if you’re looking to get into the carnivore diet but aren’t ready to give up plant-based foods entirely, Carnivore Diet Recipes might be for you.

The app also has a simple shopping list function and a system for tracking your workouts at home. One of its most unique features is a 1,200-calorie Carnivore Diet meal plan. Unlike recipes, the 1,200 Calorie Meal Plan suggests low-calorie carnivore diet meals that can help you offset weight loss while sticking to a carnivore diet.

What’s more? Carnivore Diet Recipes also has a barbecue calculator that can estimate the amount of food and drink you’ll need to throw a barbecue. Use data like total number of guests and number of vegetarian guests to come up with an estimate.

Download: Carnivore Diet Recipes for iOS (Free)

6. Meat Diary – Carnivorous Diet

As the name suggests, Meat Journal – Carnivore is simply a food diary app for keeping track of what you eat while sticking to the carnivore diet. While this feature may seem basic, Meat Journal offers something more.

The app tracks your meals and creates stats over time. It provides weekly, monthly and yearly issues to reflect on carnivore food choices and implement changes or new ideas taking into account previous experience.

To log your meals, Meat Journal requires you to enter the name of the meat, the animal it came from, how much you’re consuming in grams, and the date and time. This way the app tracks your drinking patterns over long periods.

Download: Meat Journal – Carnivore Diet for iOS (Free)

Conduct proper research and consult with professionals while dieting

Going on a carnivore diet, or any diet at all, requires careful consideration. While these apps will certainly help you navigate the carnivore diet, you need to figure out what you’re getting yourself into. So, read as much as you can or conduct other forms of research. Better yet, consult a doctor or nutritionist before committing to the carnivore diet.

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