Wilson Lau of Nuherbs: Family Influenced Supply Chain Leader

In the competitive world of dietary supplement ingredient suppliers, dynamic supply chain leaders stand out especially when it comes to how they have tackled the challenges of Covid-19 and beyond.

I asked Melissa Mack, Brea Viratos, Wilson Lau, Mark LeDoux and Jim Emme several questions about their leadership and values ​​related to navigating the various supply chain challenges experienced during the pandemic. Their responses have provided immense insight into how everyone has led through unprecedented times and how and who has influenced their lives to lead the way they do.

This article is about Wilson Lau.

Connections matter. People matter. It’s not so much about what people say as what people do.

His own story. In February 2023, Wilson Lau was promoted to president of Nuherbs, a supplier of traditional Chinese herbal remedy ingredients and supplier of bulk herbs to practitioners and manufacturers.

You just have to spend some time with Lau to discover how passionate he is about the herbal industry and helping others. There is no doubt that his passion and leadership were profoundly influenced by two of the most influential women in his life, his grandmother, Dr. Bing Yin Lee, and his mother, Pat Kwan, who along with his father Henry Lau, were the original founders of Nuherbs.

Lau’s passion for helping people was clearly instilled in him by his grandmother, a doctor who emigrated from China in 1974 and set up a business in San Francisco. Lau’s grandmother went on to earn a doctorate from the San Francisco College of Acupuncture in 1984 and was one of California’s first licensed acupuncturists.

Meanwhile, her parents opened a Chinese Herbal Pharmacy in Oaklands Chinatown to ensure continued access to special Chinese herbs. Its products were known for their quality, traceability and reliability, and as a result the company became Nuherbs.

Wilson Lau

Wilson Lau is president of Nuherbs, a supplier of traditional Chinese herbal remedy ingredients and supplier of bulk herbs to practitioners and manufacturers.

Your influencers. During the conversation with Lau, she noted that her grandmother and mother had a huge impact on her respect and respect for women. She has proudly noted that her company is very female-centric and not just people-centric. Her humble respect for women as avid influencers and stakeholders is certainly exemplary in the industry. She revealed that the ratio of female to male workers in her company is about 60-40 or 70-30.

Shift the stigma. When asked how he would like to affect the commodity chain industry and its customers, Lau immediately remarked, I want to shift the stigma. She specified that she was referring to the general belief of customers that Chinese herbal products lack integrity and quality.

Nuherbs employs an internally implemented system known as “Ai Cao Yao.It stands for Love Herbal Remedies. This is a product quality and integrity system that Nuherbs uses to consistently source quality herbs in an ethical and responsible manner. It also serves as a reminder to the company to source the highest quality herbs.

Lau’s goal is to ensure that, through his leadership example and the integrity of his company’s products, he can impact the industry through the reliability of quality ingredients, provide clarity on ingredient issues, and influence awareness around sustainability and environmental stewardship.

He is continuing the legacy long established by his family. Lau also serves on some trade association boards, where he brings unique value through his knowledge of the herbal industry.

About the future. With supply chain disruptions not all over and the possibility of new challenges inevitably awaiting us, Lau keeps a finger on what is happening in the herb markets, particularly in Asia. She periodically offers insights into areas of Chinese markets, warning of the social and environmental problems that continue to plague this region even after the pandemic.

It warns the industry on how to prepare for potential disruptions. Despite ongoing supply chain challenges, Laus’s words of encouragement are: Keep following your dreams and what you love.

Lau emphasizes focusing on environmental stewardship and sustainable incentives by increasing education and conversation around the topic. She suggested that companies should hire people who are passionate about what they do and the goals the company has embraced. This is one way Lau believes leaders can help people help shape the future and make a difference in the industry.

Lau continues to add value to the herbal industry with his advocacy and exemplary leadership. As a member of the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) Expert Advisory Council, you recently celebrated with the APHA the recent release of the third edition of “Herbs of Commerce.

Editor’s note: This is part of a series of human interest stories, based on interviews conducted by Heather Fairman. Click on the links to read BreaViratos AND Melissa Mac.

Founder and CEO of DF Guardian Consulting, Heather Fairman is an accomplished scientific and executive professional with over 30 years of leadership and management experience with highly effective results in regulatory affairs, QA/QC environments in the dietary supplement, dietary supplement, supply chain, biologics, OTC pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. fairmanhas has assisted and guided companies through numerous FDA audits; assisted with FDA 483 responses; avoided recalls and warning letters; and established effective quality management systems, sustainable compliance and regulatory infrastructure and organizational programs that fostered and established mutually beneficial contract manufacturer partnerships. Connect withor contact her viaLinkedIn.

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